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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously

Here's what we collect, why we collect it, and what it means for you – no legal mumbo-jumbo here.

Mohawk Apps uses a service called Flurry to collect anonymous application usage data. This data consists of things like device information, errors that may happen on your device, etc. A lot of this is standard stuff that an application like Angry Birds would collect – and it's all anonymized.

Here's a few things that we collect and why:

  • The type of device you're using: iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, etc.
    This is useful information so that we know what devices need the most support and consideration for upgrades and features.
  • Errors or program crashes.
    Our applications are tested rigorously, but we can't always replicate every person's device or scenario. Crash logs sent from your device to the Flurry server are critical in making sure that we fix bugs that we may not have caught during quality assurance.
  • Your wireless carrier (if a cellular device).
    For some reason, Verizon phones sometimes behave differently than AT&T phones. We collect this so that we know how to troubleshoot things in the future.
  • iOS version number you're running.
    Some older versions of iOS don't support certain features. This data is useful to know what percentage of users are on each version. This helps us make decisions about what minimum version to support in future versions of the application. We like to make informed decisions.
  • Our application version number you're running.
    So we know if you're still running an old version of the application. There's a reason why new version updates are released: new features and bug fixes. Everyone should upgrade to the newest version available as soon as possible and collecting this information lets us know if people are upgrading and when.
  • What country you live in.
    We're not talking GPS-accurate pinpoint location data… just what country you're in. If we see a bunch of new users in China and no purchases… somebody probably pirated our application illegally. This information is also for general statistical information and to see if foreign language localization would ever be needed.
  • How many times you launch the application and how long you use it for.
    This gives us an idea of how many people are using the application on a daily basis and how long they use the application for.
  • Specific events that happen within the application.
    This is so we can see what features are being used and which features may not be so important. Having this data will be useful in the future when making decisions on what features to keep around or drop.